Date: Saturday 7 September 2019.


  • Western Showmanship
  • Western Horsemanship
  • Hunt Seat Equitation
  • Trail
  • Ranch Riding


  • Every team consists of five participants.
  • Every rider starts one class, for which he or she is selected by their own team.
  • Riders can start every class, regardless of which division they normally ride (so even Open participants are allowed to ride Horsemanship, Showmanship or Hunt Seat Equitation).
  • One or more persons from the same team are allowed to participate with the same horse.
  • The theme: Happy with your Appy, hereby we request each participant to ride in costume.
  • Without bridle and/or saddle is allowed.
  • Deadline of entries is Friday 6 September, on this date we want to know: your team and name of the rider per class. The entry fee is 100 Euro/team.
  • The Euro-Cup will be judged by one judge.
  • Your creativity will also get a score, for example, your costume.
  • The winning team gets five Happy Appy coupons (available by the cocktail bar) and the team cup.
  • For safety and liability reasons; exhibitors aren't allowed to drink alcoholic drinks on their horses, during the Euro-Cup. But! After the Euro-Cup there is a (H)appy hour, this hour there will be a discount on every happpy appy  cocktail!