Bizarre & Fun Appaloosa Horse Facts


Top 17 Interesting Appaloosa Horse Facts;

1 - The Appaloosa is the state horse of Idaho.
2 - Some Appaloosas do not have the patterning or spotting.
3 - Appaloosas are very versatile.
4 - There are six common types of Appaloosa base coats.
5 - Appaloosas are average in both height and weight as a breed.
6 - Appaloosas often change coat colors as they age.
7 - Certain health issues plague the breed.
8 - No one really knows how spotted horses originally came to North America.
9 - Lewis and Clark were the first Americans to encounter the Appaloosa.
10 - Appaloosas used to have even more traits than they do today.
11 - Appaloosas are an incredibly popular breed of horse.
12 - Walt Disney had an Appaloosa-specific TV series.
13 - The registry for Appaloosas is the third-largest in the world.
14 - There are breed restrictions in place that can prevent a horse from being registered.
15 - The Nez Perce tribe once tried to flee with their horses.
16 - One man could be credited with saving the horse breed.
17 - Several breeds may have influenced the modern Appaloosa.
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